External Photo and Video Request

Guidelines for External Photography and Videography Requests

Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) considers requests for photography and filming inside its building housed in Education City, Doha, Qatar on a case by case basis. The purposes of the still image and video recording should be of mutual benefit to Georgetown and to the party procuring the photography or videography.  If the intent is to depict Education City related or Qatar Foundation related centers or showcasing the progress of education in general, the video and photography must include spaces that clearly depict the Georgetown University brand and name specifically in the recorded video and imagery.  This can be achieved during the session or by using logo mark overlays on the filmed footage or by including branded banners during the filming and photography session.  The Communications Department at GU-Q approves and authorizes such requests on a case by case basis.  Please note that no filming will be authorized between 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM and for any part of the day on Friday.  In addition to the requirements outlined below, the requestor will also have to comply with all Qatar Foundation policies and procedures. All external building photography and video requests must be sent to Qatar Foundation, Tariq Al Sada, 4454 0991, talsada@qf.org.qa.  All requests containing the following required information should be sent to Waleed Khan, for approval at least 10 business days prior to filming day.  For more information please contact us at +974 4457 8300

  1. Background information about the intention of the still or video recording request.  What particular areas of the building will be filmed?  What is the purpose of the film or photography?  How will the content be utilized?  How will Georgetown be depicted?
  2. If buildings, classrooms, hallways and spaces will be filmed as they stand without any special preparation or if the location must be prepared for the film.
  3. If the requestor will bring in their own actors to showcase activity in the building.
  4. If teaching sessions are needed with actual faculty and students showcasing the classroom activity
  5. Three possible desired dates and times of the shoot to take place on campus.
  6. Contact email and office and mobile phone numbers for the person originating the request.
  7. Contact email and mobile numbers for the on-site contact that will be the on-location .
  8. Detailed list of every crew member, actor and support person expected to be on site along including:
    • Full name as stated in passport
    • Mobile Number
    • Qatari ID # or national passport # and copy of passport
  9. Detailed list of equipment to be used, including a clear indication if special transportation will be brought in for heavy materials.

Guidelines for Photographers and Videographers on Site

The authority to photograph or film the facilities and people of the Georgetown in Qatar is contingent upon the photographers, videographers and their support crew strictly adhering to the following rules.  Any deviation from the below requirements is grounds for immediate cancelation of filming permission and removal from the grounds of the building during the shoot.

  1. All photo and video crew members and support staff must dress professionally and interact with all employees and students of the university in a professional and respectful manner.  Casual business attire is considered acceptable dress. 
  2. The crew must bring a rights release form for their production and gain permission from any student or employee of the university that will be recognizable in the photograph or video that is being produced. If part of the front of an individual’s face or their side profile is visible this is considered recognizable for the purpose of needing a rights release from the filmed individual. A copy of the signed release form(s) must be provided to the communications staff member assigned to the project before leaving the grounds of the campus.
  3. The crew must adhere to any additional requests made by the communications, facilities or security staff as needed on behalf of Georgetown University in Qatar.
  4. In exchange for the use of Georgetown’s facilities for the film and or photography in the project the originator of the request agrees to provide the Communications Department with 1) Raw footage in digital format on portable hard disk drive for use in promotional material without further payment or compensation to creator or producer and 2) One digital copy and three DVD copies of final finished product.

Photography & Filming Request Form