Notice Board and Digital Display Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting Flyers and Advertisements Inside the GU-Q Building and on the Digital Signs

General Guidelines

All content on displays within the building must be in line with GU-Q values and Qatari cultural norms. Past activities are removed daily from these displays.

Digital Displays

The digital displays serve as a dynamic platform for campus-wide communication, conveying real-time announcements, event listings, educational content, and emergency alerts for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Digital signs are maintained by the Facilities Department.

Current Day Only Activity and Events Display

Location: Atrium, near Admission’s office

Display Cycle:

  • Only events occurring on that day are displayed in a tabular format.

Display Content:

  • Must feature the event title.
  • Date, time, and location of the event.
  • Audience: all, students, faculty, or staff.

Upcoming Events and Activities Displays

Locations: Communications Reception, Ground Floor by Main Entrance, Auditorium Lobby, Outside CIRS, Outside EPS

Display Cycle:

  • Only events occurring within the next seven days are shown by days of the week.

Display Content:

  • Must feature the event title.
  • Date, time, and location of the event.
  • Audience: all, students, faculty, or staff.
  • May include further details but should be limited to maintaining readability and accessibility.

Other Content Displays

Locations: OAS Reception, Gym1

These screens may be used for:

  • Event flyers and slides, as well as other information that embodies GU-Q values or shares teaching and learning-related activities. 
  • Celebratory content highlighting community accomplishments, including those of service providers.
  • Educational, informational, safety, warning, and cautionary signage as required.

Display Content:

  • Date, time, and location of the event. May include further details but should be accessibility standards compliant

Posters on Notice Boards

Please help us to maintain a professional appearance of our beautiful building by only using designated spaces for posting your flyers and messages and by not taping, posting, gluing items to walls, windows, pillars, doors or glass surfaces around the building

Spaces for Posting

The common posting spaces have been divided into either two or three sections depending on available space for the type of announcements that may be placed on the particular noticeboards. The space marked “GU-Q Events” is designated for announcements related to the Georgetown’s Qatar campus. The space marked “External Announcements” is designated for announcements related to external organizations that might be of interested to the Georgetown in Qatar community. The third empty space for overflow, where available, may be shared by both types of announcements. Note that the green boards are for Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) related announcements only.

Proceedure for Poster Approval

  • Develop your poster to include the name, date, location, image and other relevant information. Email the draft to the Associate Director of Marketing to request approval. All announcements and posters must be approved by communications.
  • Once approved via email, print out the posters and visit the Office of Communications to have your flyer/poster stamped with the stamp of approval and expiration date indicating when the item is to be removed from the board.
  • Once stamped, you may place the flyer on the noticeboards. By posting a flyer on the space you accept full responsibility to remove the item you posted, after it has expired. Items lacking a stamped expiration date will be removed from the boards and individuals or groups disregarding this policy will not be allowed to post their materials in the building.

Posting Signs and Tabling Activities near the Atrium Brown Wall

Any materials intended for display on the Brown Wall or the table adjacent to it, such as posters, must first be approved and stamped by the Communications Department before being positioned on the wall or table. These items, including visuals, graphics, posters, and display aids, must adhere to the established process applicable to printed materials on the noticeboards.

Red Square

Students may post student-oriented content within the inside walls of Red Square (excluding the glass panels),  as long as the content complies with the Speech and Expression Policy at GU-Q and does not require a stamp.